Process Discovery

Unlock your full automation potential with Process & Task Mining

We help our customers to identify the processes with the highest automation potential.
Only automating the right processes will give you the results you are looking for.
Depending on what fits your organisation best, we bring in a variety of different process discovery tools to help you accomplish this – ranging from traditional workshop-based approaches together with our automation experts to more tool-based and data-driven approaches, such as process mining and task mining

As a starting point for process discovery we bring in our industry and function-specific use case libraries. Industries and functions covered by our libraries include retail banking, private banking, hospitals, public sector, insurance, energy, HR, finance, IT, marketing and supply chain. In these libraries we have documented well over 1’000 typical and impactful use cases. This enables you to discover the automation potential along the whole value chain and to benefit from the experience of others.

Process Discovery Workshops

Our workshop-based approach to identify potential processes for automation is pragmatic and straightforward. First, we guide you to collect process candidates taking into account your current process setup and application landscape. In a second step we assess those process candidates for optimization and automation potential including a quantified estimate of the expected benefits (automation hours / savings). Also, qualitative benefits such as operational risk reduction, increased speed, 24/7 availability and attractiveness for employees can be considered.

This assessment lays the foundation for a prioritization of the most attractive use cases and upon this we help you define your automation roadmap.

Identify process candidates

Evaluate optimization options

Assess automation potential of processes

Identify process candidates

Evaluate optimization options

Assess automation potential of processes

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Process Mining

Process mining is a powerful data-driven approach which allows you to look under the hood of your process setup in a holistic way. It reconstructs and analyses business processes and creates transparency on your operations.

The findings may not only surprise your business managers, but also IT and program managers. This often exposes that operational reality is far from the initially designed “happy process path”.

Insights gained with process mining are the ideal starting point for companies looking to build a long-term digital strategy based on automation. What are the benefits of Process Mining?

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